Gallery Arte   Magica   provides   a   broad   and   versatile   image   of   a certain   subject   or   culture. Also   'Varia   Exotica'   can   be   regarded as   a   theme   exhibition.   Because   despite   their   differences   -   in matter,   ethnic   and   geographical   origin   -   all   objects   have   one thing    in    common;    they    have    a    symbolic    meaning    that transcends     their     tangible     appearance.     Whether     it     is     a mysterious   boli   of   the   Bamana   from   Mali,   an   ancestor   statue from   Papua   New   Guinea   or   a   ritual   ladder   from   the   Dogon from Mali; it is art that goes beyond visible reality. NOTE:   Not   all   objects   are   present   in   the   gallery.   If   you   want   to view   an   object,   please   contact   us   by   telephone   at   023   542   80 59 or via
Art from Africa, Asia and the Oceanic region
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