Africa   and   Papua   New   Guinea   are   areas   rich   in   traditional money.   Each   region,   and   in   many   cases   individual   tribes,   had items used as money or trade. The   exhibition   at   Galerie   Arte   Magica   in   Haarlem   (Holland) shows   about   85   unique   objects   that   were   used   as   money   in Africa   and   in   the   Oceanic   region   before   the   introduction   of coins   and   banknotes.   In   societies   other   than   ours,   types   of money   came   to   be   used   that   are   very   different   from   what   we are used to... You   can   enjoy   a   selection   of   the   exhibition   here   on   this   site.   If you   are   looking   for   a   specific   money   object,   please   send   us an e-mail.
Exotic currency from Africa and the Oceanic region
Bandaka. Chad. Iron currency. Height 39cm. Code 262. Mbole. Congo. Copper currency. Diameter 34 cm. Code 630. Sentani. Papua New Guinea. This necklace was used as money. Code 243. Fofona. Papua New Guinea. Body decoration also used as currency. Height 24 cm. Width 34 cm. Code 447. Bamileke. Cameroun. Iron currency. Height 16 cm. Code 230. Katanga. Congo. Copper currency. Code 266. Kwele. Gabon. Iron currency. Height 42 cm. Code 289. Ngelima. Congo. Copper. Also called snake money. Height 90 cm. Several specimen available. Code 372. Je-stone. Irian Jaya. A slate stone used in trade as well as bride price by the Dani people in the Baliem valley. Height 32 cm. Code 281. Kina. Papua New Guinea. Heigth 41 cm. Width 38 cm. Code 457. Liganda. Congo. Iron. The three to four foot long iron spearheads were used to purchase tools, kanoes and land  Various lengths available. (138 cm - 170 cm). Code 120. Mambila. Iron currency. Cameroun. Height 68 cm. Custom mounted. Code 258. Mumuye. Nigeria. Iron currency. Height 46 cm. Code 268. Ibo. Bronze. Nigeria. This bronze currency has the shape of a snake. Several specimen available. Length 20 cm. Code 295. Ngbaka. Congo. Iron currency. Height 48 cm. Code 263. Nkutshu. Congo. Copper. Several specimen available. Average height 42 cm. Code 307. Mbole. Congo. Copper. Diameter 15 cm. Code 341. Chamba. Nigeria. Iron currency. Code 282. Nkutshu. Congo. Iron currency. Height 58 cm. Code 462. Dit is een schilderij dat al is verkocht. Hij had codenummer a.b.c. Idoma. Iron currency. Nigeria. Height 84 cm. Custom mounted. Price on request. Code 409.
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