Ghurras: divine tools from Nepal
For   centuries   the   mountain   people   of   Nepal   use   the   ghurra (churning   rod-holder)   as   a   tool   for   churning   milk   into   butter. Besides   possessing   an   important   functional   side,   ghurras   give expression   tot   the   age-old   Hindu   creation   myth,   the   Samudra Manthana:   the   churning   of   the   milk   ocean   by   the   gods   and demons,   which   is   also   a   story   with   a   paradigmatic   pattern, one   of   the   endless   struggle   between   the   forces   of   good   and evil. By   using   the   ghurra   the   churning   process   evokes   a   reality   that is   inherent   to   people.   In   this   way,   the   space-time   structure   of the   mountain   people   is   measured   in   moments   of   everlasting holy    time    (darshan),    a    ritual    action    whose    initial    inner significance was laid down in centuries and centuries ago. Inspired    by    their    religious    convictions    and    folk    customs, Nepalese    mountain    people    have    transposed    the    original mythological   churning   rope   used   to   rotate   and   support   the churning-rod   during   churning   into   sublimely   beautiful   wooden sculptures   full   of   religious   meaning.   Ghurras   also   emanate sublime   symbolism   through   their   particular   schematic   design. They   consist   of   geometric   elements   that   abstractly   evoke   the gods of the Hindu pantheon. Ghurras   therefore   can   be   interpreted   as   a   symbolic   stimulus for   a   great   devotion   to   god   so   that   in   every   object   or   attitude, in   every   action   undertaken,   a   deep   underlying   sacred   reality   is recognised and given expression: Brahman. The    information    on    this    subject    relies    on    the    book    Divine Support   by   Paul   de   Smedt,   published   by   Book   Faith   India 2000.
Ghurra. Height 22 cm. Code 210. Ghurra. Height 25 cm. Code 211. Ghurra. Height 36 cm. Code 212. Ghurra. Height 24 cm. Code 214. Ghurra. Height 21 cm. Code 216. Ghurra. Height 28 cm. Code 224. Ghurra. Height 30 cm. Code 225. Ghurra. Height 23 cm. Code 222. Ghurra. Height 18 cm. Code 218. Ghurra. Height 31 cm. Code 220. Ghurra. Height 24 cm. Code 219. Ghurra. Height 21 cm. Code 217. Ghurra. Height 22 cm.  Code 221. Ghurra. Height 33 cm. Code 223.
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